This is a short post just now until I do my next brew preparation, when I will fill it out in more detail on the steps that work for me.

There were two articles that I originally used to get to my recipe. The first, I can no longer find on the web. It was “Nick’s Beer is here, how to make your own Candi Syrup” and the other was¬†Candy Syrup the Right way (Hint – We’ve been doing it Wrong!).

They did appear to contradict each other (to my untrained eye) with respect to the use of acid in the recipe and I ended up going with a derivative of the “Nick’s Beer” article.

The recipe

To make syrup from 1Kg of sugar, I use :-

1Kg Light Demerara sugar or white granulated sugar 
- boil it for longer if you use white sugar
3 tsp of treacle or slightly less of molasses (to taste)
2.5 tsp of yeast nutrient - I use the Wyeast nutrient when I have it
0.5 tsp of Slaked Lime - I use the green stuff in the picture below

- A long wooden spoon
- A deep stock pan
- An oven gauntlet
- A sugar thermometer

Raja Chuna Calcium Hydroxide for sugar syrup recipe

Raja Chuna Calcium Hydroxide 100g

I’ll populate this with more pictures and steps later, but essentially I follow the timeline in the last column of Nick’s experiment (link here again)

  • 40 minute boil for a dark syrup
  • 20 mins for amber, no nutrient or treacle for amber

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