Castle Cinema now open

It’s great to see that the Castle Cinema in Hackney is now open after restoration. Well done to everyone who pulled together to make this happen via Kickstarter. We’re really looking forwards to going along. https://thecastlecinema.com/#whats-on  

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Brewdog’s DIY Dog available

The lovely people at Brewdog have shared out their entire back catalogue (https://www.brewdog.com/diydog). I’m in Beersmith now, playing with┬ásome of my more extreme brews to mix some Brewdog magic with my recipe efforts. I really fancy having a go at Read more…

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Cowbell Alpha Testing 1.10.2

I make extensive use of Google Developer Console’s Alpha test capability. Here I’m checking that after initial testing on a wide range of Android emulators, I can deploy to various real hardware tablets and phones.

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